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An Interview with Chirasree Bose

Published Book: Done With Her...

Genre: Fiction

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Publisher: Evincepub Publishing, 2019


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interview with Chirasree Bose

Interviewer: Congratulations, Chirasree, on your book. Let me tell you that it’s a fine book, indeed. It’s your first published novel in English. How do you see this achievement?
I am very happy. At the same time, I am thankful to the readers. It’s their love and acceptance for the book that turned my hard work into a big achievement.

Interviewer: According to you, who are the real protagonist of the novel as well, the proper antagonist too?
Spreeha, of course. She is the protagonist. However, for a long part of the story, she might come across as an antagonist. That’s the fun of reading a thriller.

Interviewer: Basically, the story revolves around murder which depend of love story. The character name Chanda, who was belonging a poorer family that way those criminal did murder of her lover. So, what do you have to say on the real life Love of human’s life?
Love, like I wrote in the novel, is pure. As pure as the God we worship. Rather than judging or criticising love, shouldn’t we try and eliminate hate from the world?

Interviewer: Well, Chirasree, your book is a very interesting read for the young readers as well as those who love the detective and thriller fiction. Please give a message to the readers that why they should go for it?
They should go for it for three reasons -
1. The story itself.
2. The twists in every chapter.
3. The message it conveys.

Interviewer: What does writing mean to you? Is it to bring in light the hidden aspects of life? Or you have some different ideas?
Writing is the dream that I live every day now. I believe, as writers, we have a gift. We can make a difference in this world through our words.

Interviewer: Every successful person has at-least one source of motivation. Have you modelled your writings on some classic authors? Which authors have inspired you?
My all time favorite author is Agatha Christie. I love reading her books. But when it comes to inspiration, I think I’d name Novoneel Chakraborty. I like his style of writing.

Interviewer: Well, many thanks for making me the reader of your book and someone to collaborate with you, ma’am. What is your message to our readers?
I’d like to say thanks to my readers. That’s all.

Interviewer: The reader wants to know, this is real story means depends some particular people or it is prove fiction?
This is pure fiction.

At last, many thanks Chirasree, for your time. I wish you best of luck for the future endeavours.