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An Interview with Manjula Asthana

Published Book: Iztirab

Genre: Poetry

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interview Manjula Asthana

Interviewer: Dear Manjula, I would like to start this conversation by saying thanks to you for accepting my request. I would like to ask you the first question that is how do you see yourself?
Manjula Asthana:
A creator is hardly satisfied with own creation, he tries to improve and beautify more and more, wishes to present his best. Same here, established, getting appreciation too, yet lots of there to bring out, go for quality and quantity, enhancement. Journey of a writer keeps on. There is no end of the imagination.

Interviewer: What do you aim at while composing any piece of creative writing?
Manjula Asthana:
I'm a social creature, feel some responsibility towards society. I always try to give some positive message along with fun to the readers to improve and have a positive approach towards the life.

Interviewer: The Modern world is complex. People are callous towards reading real creative pieces. I am pointing towards the commercialization of art. Then, how do you relate your works to the society?
Manjula Asthana:
Yes, you are right. Because of all these changes, people always like and enjoy the things which relate with them. So I try to make my writings short, fun-filled with messages too, which awake a ray of thinking in their minds. It might grow stronger later.

Interviewer: You have composed dramas, poetry and novels as well. Personally, what do you enjoy the most while composing?
Manjula Asthana:
See, it depends on the need and subject, which mode will be appropriate to convey a particular message. We can't present any message straight forward. It has to be sugar coated to gulp and sustain interest of readers.

Interviewer: Moreover, what do you like most while reading?
Manjula Asthana:
we need to see many series to pick up one. Likewise I read different types of subjects, books, etc., depends on the mood and sometimes requirement also. I love to read any book, I find attractive.

Interviewer: What message you would like to convey to the aspirant poets?
Manjula Asthana:
Prepare themselves well and be original.

Interviewer: Talking about the technicality, Wally, do you think poetry is mostly a kind of monophonic dialogue which takes place between the poet and a shadow of the poet?
Manjula Asthana:
Every poet has a particular style or way of presentation, which becomes his/her signature, recognized by that, you may call it the shadow of the poet. Actually, most of the times, poet tries to converse with the readers.

Interviewer: I want to know about the process which makes poetry happen for you. Do you think that poetry is a random art or it is a careful process of thoughts?
Manjula Asthana:
Poetry is mostly a random thought, which is processed very carefully, enhanced and put in a beautiful form.

Interviewer: What are your views on the role of poetry in the contemporary world? Do you see it like yesterday or find it changed?
Manjula Asthana:
Poetry is like self- presentation. It’s roll is not changed much like all other spheres. I have met many youngsters. They are writing and considering it as their self-expression, which is true. But their poetry is neither commercialized nor contemplated. It’s in the most pure and simple form. Poets are doing the same. Trying to be simple and unbiased, so that they can reach to the mind and heart of the readers. Contemporary poetry is not only to please somebody.