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Dariya E Ehsaas

Author: Manisha Yadav

Language: Hindi

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Review by: Shruti Pandey

Rating: 4/5

Manisha Yadav

Message from Dr. Manisha Yadav: हमारे जीवन में और आस पास समाज में कुछ घटनाएँ हममें कई एहसास भर जाते है।ऐसे ही कुछ एहसास मैंने अपने आस पास और समाजिक घटनाओं में महसूस किये जिन्होंने मेरी सोच और लेखनी को एक नया आयाम दिया साथ ही कुछ एहसास मुझे मेरी आध्यात्मिक यात्रा के दौरान ध्यान के जरिये भी हुए जिन्हें मैं इस पुस्तक के माध्यम से आप तक पहुँचा रही हूँ।आशा है कि मेरे ये एहसास आपके दिलों को छुएंगे और आप भी इनसे खुद को जोड़ पाएंगे।

Review: Nowadays, I often find myself enjoying English poetry. Recently, I had the chance to enjoy a beautiful collection of Hindi Poetry, Dariya-E-Ehsas by Dr. Manisha Yadav.

Readability & Quality: Right from the quality of the paper to the quality of the binding, font size and font style to all other aesthetics, the book scores really well. It has a gorgeous cover & that also adds to its physical charms. Also, the title Dariya-E-Ehsas forced me to grab a copy of it.

Overall, it is appealing to the eye, alluring to the prospective reader and makes for a comfortable read.

The book is a collection of beautiful poems inspired by relatable environment. Different poetry in this book describes different aspects of our life, our society, our thoughts, our mentality and even about our country. Some poetry will make you feel what love is, some will question on your existence, some will let you understand about a women's life and some will make you aware and concern for our country.

The poem which are written on a women's life from childhood to death is beautiful and mesmerizing and it reflects the feminist nature of author. I really appreciate the author for her hard work and phenomenal observation to write each and every line in the book.

The poem "Stree" has really touched my heart. After reading the poem, it forces you to think about your identity. The author presents her poem very beautifully about a girl's life which seems like a story when you add all the poem and rethink about it. It shows you how a girl survive her life by love, fight, hide feelings, adjust herself according to the need of people around her.

There are many poems which tell us about our society and we always blame our society but we never think 'who made this society'. My personal favourite poem is "Ek Arsa Hua" which I'm sure many people will find relatable.

Overall the book is worth reading where you can get something to learn and improve in your life. This book is for all those who love to read poetry and somewhere lost in the path of their life. In the end, I wish the author a very best and sincerely hope to read many such works from her in future.

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Poems: 4/5

Theme: 4/5

Writing: 4/5

About Author: Dr. Manisha Yadava has done PhD in economics. She is an Author of two poetry books “Mere Khayal and “Driya-E-Ehsaas” and Co-Author of three anthologies/reiki healer/Dowser/angels card reader/Motivational speaker/Art of living volunteer and Member of Indian Literature society. Born on 9th May 1973 in Meerut (up) in a well educated family. Her father was a railway officer and Due to the nature of her father's job she had to move around a lot. Major part of her childhood was spent in Cities that are rich in literature. Since childhood she was inclined toward poetry writing. Now days she is living in Aligarh which is again rich in literature and this city taught her a lot about literature. Although she was a religious person earlier but now she is spiritual too. After becoming spiritual she has become aware of the teachings of life. Her spiritual journey has taught her a lot and she try to pen that knowledge as well. This path has enhanced her writing skill too. Behind fulfilment of her dream there are two beautiful soul and she can proudly say they are her kids without them she couldn’t think her dream would have become true.

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