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Done with Her

Author: Chirasree Bose

Genre: Fiction

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Publisher: Evincepub Publishing, 2019

Chirasree Bose Book Reviewes

Know Chirasree Bose: Being an indoor person, Chirasree loves to read, write, and paint. If she's not doing either of the three, you'd find her observing people and reading into their emotions. That's where she gets her story ideas from. With her debut novel 'Done With Her...’ she intends to ignite diverse emotions in the readers' minds. She believes in making a difference through her writing. This novel is her baby step towards that goal.

The title is ‘Done with Her’ and you must think it’d be some kind of thriller, fantasy or something which will blow your mind… But I should tell you, you are absolutely right! The book offers you a pleasant read – a tale full of love and thrill and suspense till the end. And to come out of the torture that the girl in the novel is suffering, it needs ‘courage, determination, and pursuit’.

Now you should also be informed about the subtitle of the novel by Chirasree Bose. The novel, A revelation that stabs at your subconscious, is subtitled – a tale of impossible murder. Therefore, you will also find a lot of adventure in the novel. Especially, the youths who want to read the novels with a lot of detective impetus will surely love the book!

Theme: To simplify the plot, the complete story revolves around the main characters Spreeha, Dheeraj, Avesh and Vrijen, and also Chanda who was loving someone. But in the story, the lover of Chanda is murdered by someone from his relation and also they want to take revenge from Chanda. So the main question for the readers is, doest Chanda need to take revenge from those people who murdered her lover? This is the most interesting part of the story. So what happens next? There are lots of mysteries that you need to discover and find out the hidden secrets of the murder. So if you want to know all the things, you need to read this book “Don With Her” by Chirasree Bose when you will read the story of the book, your doubts and questions will be answered respectively. In spite of lots of twists and turns, when I read this book I did not feel the story will confuse the reader.

And many more questions like these will appear on the pages once you reach browse through the chapters. There are the details which will give you a kind of visual experience of watching a movie… Those who love suspense will surely love it!

How she faces the murder of her lover? How she comes out of it and who helps her… reading the novel, you will find another important character. How things take place is something that you will enjoy yourself as the story unfolds. You must read the novel and make your leisure enjoyable! Happy reading folks!

My Review: In short, the debut book by Chirasree Bose is a much read and can be enjoyed by everyone. My ratings for this novel will e 4/5. The link is given in the description and the book is available both in paperback and ebook versions. Happy Reading!