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Let The Feelings Become Known

Author: Anshuman Raj

Genre: Poetry (Books)

Language: English

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Publisher: Educreation Publishing, 2019

Review by: Sanjana Radhakrishnan

Anshuman Raj

This book is composed of several English poems on different topics which allow my heartiest readers to feel the fragrance of poetry. The book composed poems about pain, life, love etc. It has been written to enlighten the feelings of readers.

Review: Let the feelings become known by Anshuman is an amazing collection of poems. What came to my mind as I started reading the book is the quote by John Keats – “The poetry of earth is never dead”; True indeed! Let the feelings become known - keeps the beauty of poetry alive. There is a flow to the poet’s verses, it beautifully rolls out of your tongue as you read through, giving your mind and soul space for deep thoughts. The poems seemed like lucid snapshots developed in a subtle blend of mind and intuition.

You will fall in love with the poet’s style from the first poem itself and you will dwell in more into it as you go on. It might give you that warm feeling with nostalgia throughout; these poems holds that soothing effect. The classical style of writing is refreshing to read. A few of these poems is strong enough to stay within you. The point that it is not revolving around one particular topic makes it a great variant; there are poems on love, some on life, some on pain and feelings – it is a hearty mixture of miscellaneous ideas. Some of them will make its way to your hearts easily, while some other would reflect for whom you are and what you know. It is quite refreshing to see how the poems are engaging.

I believe that the poet did a commendable job with this book, and is very much worthy of reader’s support and praise. This book will make a great choice for any poetry lover out there; it could make up for a great recital session too.

Ratings: The book has a beautiful cover design and a catchy title that prompts on lookers to pick it up. I would love to read more from him.

About The Author: Anshuman Raj is from Bihar, he is in 12th std. currently studying in Delhi Public School, Saharsa. He loves to read literature very much. He mostly likes to read poems and short stories. He mostly prefers to write at night as it provides him a peaceful environment. "Let The Feelings Become Known" is the book of English poems. The poems are on different topics which affect him to the deep. He has written his book for readers to feel the fragrance of poetry. His poems are on nature, love, pain, life etc. This book is the house of the feelings of an innocent heart. His book also gives a message to the youths that if they have dedication to do anything, the age doesn't matter.He also write on Literature is his first and last choice.