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Lucifers Own Heart

Author: Aceflipper 91

Language: English

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Publisher: Notion Press, 2019

Aceflipper 91

Review: The book, “LUCIFER’S OWN HEART: Our Emotions Are Gift As Well As Curse… Forbidden To Use” is the second book of author Aceflipper91 (Pen name of author) after the debut one “THE FOURTH EYE: An Untold Truth”. In his second book the author has completely focused on Love and Relationships. He has defined the love as per his experience and he has also shared the tips to survive a healthy love relationship with partner. In the current era, we are all living just because of Trust on each other. This is the only thing which keeps our relationships alive. What happens when this trust is broken? Does it all end here? Or there is some way out of this emotional breakdown we might have felt somewhere sometime?

Well, author has lot more to say in this small book. This is very quick read which you can finish off in 1-2 hours. Author has written this book with lot of research and personal experiences. We can consider it as a self help book for all especially who are into love relationships. Author has given own views on love, its meaning, the challenges in love and emotional breakdowns in relationships. Most importantly, author has shared some well tested tips to be in a good relationship. The book talks mostly about True Love, Relationship, Cheating and Seeking Attention. In some places author has used his own story to explain the situations and handling problems.

About Aceflipper91:

ACEFLIPPER91 is an author, entrepreneur and a doctor by profession. He believes in society and changes that can be brought within the society. He believes in humanity and project his thoughts through writing in his books. His concepts and thoughts are unique and definitely bring chills to your spine when you read it.

He believes in better society and better relationship in humanity. he has message to everyone through his writing. He concentrates on spirituality, spiritual uplift, plain transparent truth and talks about ongoing interactions in the society.

Though ACEFLIPPER91 is not his real name. He chose this name act as vigilante who is trying to bring change in the society and to start a revolution. To show the right path to everyone by ending their sorrows and pain by bringing happiness and courage within them. His ideology and concepts are unique and the way he empathise in his books will surely make you lose your sleep. you should try reading his books to uncover a new path in your life.

"Will of fire exist in us, which is needed to light the torch of life. I will assist you in lighting your spirit."

Critical Views & Ratings:

Coming to the content part again, this one is for sure a recommended one for the readers and lovers. There are some grammatical errors which can be ignored by the readers and we hope, the author will resolve this problem for his new readers. Our final ratings will be 4/5 stars for this book. You can surely go for it if you are a quick reader. Happy reading!