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No One Fights Alone

Conceptualised and Edited by: Samrudhi Dash with Kinshuk Gupta

Guided and Advised by: Nilakanta Siva

Genre: Caregiving

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Publisher: Notion Press, 2019

"This anthology is a compendium of scholarly articles from some renowned doctors about medical ailments, personal and learning experiences, life lessons from M.B.B.S students, caregivers experiences in dealing with the maladies their dear ones have been afflicted with, patients talking about their own battles with destiny and stories and poems of hope, renewal and revival by a number of prolific literary writers and poets."

“No One Fights Alone” conceptualised and edited by Samrudhi Dash with Kinshuk Gupta, guided and advised by S Nilakanta Siva. The book brings medical information which should be known to all of us. It’s an anthology were super-specialist doctors, medical students, survivors, writers and poets have shared their experiences and learnings. This anthology gives us much needed insight into medicines, surgery, diseases and much more. After reading it I can say this anthology would definitely act like a public awareness book for the common man.

Blurb: On our part, let us believe that the doctor has chosen this profession for the main purpose of alleviating the sufferings of mankind. Nevertheless, he too is a human being with normal desires and aims to lead a comfortable life like all his school mates in other professions. On the other hand, a patient never comes to a doctor out of choice; he never comes in to chat and say, ""how are you"". He comes there with great expectations. These are most often achieved, no doubting that. Patients too have doctors as part of the family. If we can empathize with them for their work style, bedtime hours, and strange feeding habits; why not with the doctors struggling with our health. Treat them too like our own children. And make them never regret their choice of this profession. This might not be a substitute to medical consultation, but certainly sends out a message of hope and empathy that though we are all fighting our own battles, help is always at hand and certainly no one ever fights alone.

There are five parts in this anthology; each part has articles from doctors, patients, caregivers and medical students. The abuse of antibiotics and self-medication has been briefed. There are articles about urinary incontinence and heart diseases. Also you will find articles about kidney care, about cancer prevention that it is curable if diagnosed early and much more.

I like the way the book is structured in a well-defined manner. There is a good amount of emphasis on the explanation of various concepts through examples, it has articles and stories which I think will appeal to most of us. The articles are small and concise and talk about only those things that are of utmost importance. NO One Fights Alone is a book from which we can learn many things. It’s a book which becomes especially relevant in times like these when we are so often caught up in the modern-day rat race that we often forget to live and breathe. No One Fights Alone against ill health or diseases, there is always your family, doctors, nurses or caregivers involved; a safe and healthy life is not won by a one-man-army. This book effectively portrays each role involved, their side of the story and how each such cases are dealt with. It presented me new line of thoughts for what is happening in such scenarios, giving a broader understanding, alongside the book also educated me what can be done in those cases if met, which I believe is an appreciable take away from this book.

This book will also enable you to see the people involved in this context like doctors, nurses, caregivers and so on in a new light. I must say, a pretty good pick for awareness, would love to recommend it to all.




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