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Time Guard: The Awakening

Author: Anmol Batra

Language: English

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Publisher: Pothi, 2018

Anmol Batra

Book Title: The title of the book 'Time Guard: The Awakening (21st Century Book 1)' is riveting and elusive.

Book Cover: The cover image of the book is a photograph of a superhero looking towards the city. It can be derived he is a savior.

About the author:

Anmol Batra is a software professional turned author. This is the first book in the series. It is a fiction story based on time travel. The author now is presently working on the second book which is named Time Guard II – Reborn. The prequel to Time Gaurd I. The Second Story is more focused on Hirath, the banished soul reaper and the main villain for Time Guard – 21st Century Series.

About the book:

When a young corporate, Swati receives a set of envelopes at her office table, she is shocked by its contents. Each envelope has a date and time of its opening written on it. Also, each envelope has a warning message scribbled on it.

"Please open this envelope at the time mentioned below your name."

She ignores, tears the first envelope and pulls out the page inside it. She uncovers a thick drawing sheet scratched in the middle with a pencil; a hand-written line in the center of the sheet. “I requested that you open the envelope at 12:30 PM. Envelopes not opened on time will lose their contents. The time right now is 09:00:25 AM” Swati checks her wristwatch and exhales sharply; her wristwatch ticks round to 9:00:25, accurate to the very second. Who sent her those envelopes? What exactly does he or she want if he doesn’t want Swati to know the future beforehand?

A Soul is nothing but energy with a conscious. A wave that can move across space, time and matter. The wave that your mind finally releases when you die. But a few gifted ones have the ability to leave the shackles of mind and return to physical self at will. What if I told you that there are people on this planet that can leave their body and travel the universe as a soul, they can travel both forward and backward in time. Some manipulate the world for their own selfish interest & a few devour themselves with the responsibility to harmonize and protect the world.

The question is, are you sure such people don’t exist?

My review:

This book ‘Time Guard: The Awakening ‘by Anmol Batra is a fiction work based on time travel, teleporting, mystery and suspense elements. As the blurb says, one fine day a woman receives mysterious envelopes that are marked with specific timestamps to open. The envelopes also create a mystery in her mind as the sender knows everything about her. Like the butterfly effect, by the time this woman receives the envelopes form some anonymous person, a doctor gets missing and a player from Pakistan in the Common Wealth Games gets arrested. None of the victims have any clue about what is happening. As mentioned the phrase ‘the butterfly effect ‘all these three incidents are interconnected though not apparent.

To be very honest the story starts at a very low pace. One has to be very patient to absorb the story to experience a thrilling narration as the story progresses.

As the book is based on the time travel concept, one has to be very watchful for the little details the author would be providing in his work. Especially the front and back of the timeline, the imagination and the visualization of teleporting are a matter of interest. If the reader is not familiar with the time-traveling concept, the book may be felt absurd.

With many characters, the story takes U-turns and the back turns and lots of twists the book seems to be a great game. Though unsettling, once the story’s soul is caught the reader finds the book fascinating. With some knowledge, I have on time travel and teleporting I found the book a very interesting one. The characters of Arjun and Zaffar long with Swati are totally worth briefing about.

Arjun’s character is well etched with great enthusiasm whereas Zafar’s on a low note. Swati in a key role happens to be a central part of the story most of the time. The kidnapping episode, the revealing of the common enemy sequences between Arjun and Zaffar are written well.

What I like:
1. A novel concept in the plot line.
2. The small sketches in between the story that explains what is happening are nice.
3. Brilliance in narration.
4. At some places, the artistic tough on Hindu Mythology added beauty.
5. As a reader, one can travel to many places with the characters in the story.

What I didn’t like: The editing and printing errors must have been taken care of as they are a matter of concern.


There are both main characters and secondary characters. The characters of both antagonist and protagonist are drafted well. The character portrayal is worth appreciating but there are few drawbacks like the sudden appearance and disappearance of a few characters from the many in the story. I hope these missing details will be incorporated in the second book if they have a role. Other than this, the details with which characters are built is really well.


As this is a book that has combined themes of emotion, time-travel, sci-fi adventure, and drama, the narration must be a strong one. The author has sustained the reader’s interest in every context and thus made the book a compelling and nice one. With some setbacks, the book definitely is a page-turner for such highly imaginative conceptual book lovers.

Language & Grammar:

Simple and easy language is used in the story. At many places, word and grammar errors played the role of speed breakers during the reading. Though irritating, because of the elements in the story which are gripping, finishing the book was an interesting and herculean task.