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Not Worth Living For

Author: Shreyan Laha

Genre: Fiction

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Publisher: Bigfoot Publications, 2018

Another weekend, another review. How are you doing, readers? I am here with a surprice for you. Not from me exactly but from the author Shreyan Laha. He has already delvered thrilling fictions and love stories like “Never Again” and “The Adventures Beyond Existence” few years back. Recently I finished reading his latest novel, “Not Worth Living For”. This is third book by Shreyan and this time again he has proved that he is inching towards becoming a great novelist by delivering back to back hits. Shreyan has weaved pure literary magic by the perfect use of fiction and imagination. The story stays true to the title “Not Worth Living For” as well.

Author has set the story completely at two different plots. One in the earch and another in the different planet called Isthenope. I was surprised to see the level of imagination of author in this since he has perfectly managed and have not given any chance to the reader to get confused. This is completely a fantasy novel with love story and also story of few friends. The main character is of Shweta, Alexander (a former spy of the RSV), Ishita and her friends Aakriti, Devesh, Vivek, Preeti and Kevin. The story revolves around Shweta (In the planet Isthenope) and in earth, there is a story of Ishita. This two stories moves parallelly in the novel and there is a sercret going on from starting and revealed at the end. Author has managed to keep it alive till the end of novel which is a work of great appreciation.

The Blurb: Ishita Singh, a student of St. Pierce’s College, Mumbai was living a pretty normal life with her group of friends, a caring senior and scarily enough, a creep who followed her.

Shweta wakes up in the unknown planet of Isthenope and sets out wth Alexander Ishutin, a former spy of RSV, to discover more about the unknown planet which was built fir a future civilization.

Underlying the lives of the two in completely different worlds, there lies a dark secret which is unknown to Ishita and partially blacked our in some corner of Shweta’s memory. Will they ever come to know about the secret or will be so chilling that I won’t be worth living for?

The blurb is interesting and describe lot of things about the book. However, trust me, there is lot more to discover inside the pages. Shreyan Laha’s work is a complete page turner novel and he is truly successful to keep the secret alive till the end of the book. At the end, you will uncover the relation between Ishita and Shweta.

The Author: Shreyan Laha is currently a management trainee in Samunnati Financial Intermediation and Services. He has been an alumnus of Xavier School of Rural Management (XUB-XIMB). He hails from Jamshedpur has two novels “The Adventures Beyond Existence” and “Never Again”, and half dozen short stories to his credit. He has been the winner of Rajiv Gandhi Yout Literary Award, 2014 and apart from writing, Shreyan loves watching football and learning foreign languages.

Interesting right? Yes, I also collect this information before picking up the book for reading. It’s good to know about the author when you start reading the book, it helps to understand the narration better and also it keeps you connected with the author’s perspective. The novel is perfect for true fiction lovers and the readers of young age. However, any age group can enjoy it very well.

My Review: So to conclude, I can say that it was a very good read for me and surely it’s going to be for you also. If you are planning to read some interesting fantasy/ thrilling novel this week, surely you can go for Shreyan Laha’s “Not Worth Living For”. Trust me, you will not get disappointed. This is something what we call as “A full paisa wasool” novel for Indian readers. I will give 4.5/5 for this book and I am also going to read other two novels by author and will share my review soon. Happy Reading!